About Us

We are the only micro winery on the Isle of Man, based in Port St Mary. We started our build in 2021 and started sales mid-2022.

Ventosus is our registered brand name and it’s a Latin word loosely translated as ‘windy’. Our logo is a modern day representation of the treskilion, an ancient Celtic symbol for wind which is also deeply associated with Manx culture and heritage.

Our wines carry the ‘Made in the Isle of Man’ provenance label and we are a registered Manx Producer. Our wines taste different because we use a process that uses  less additives than most commercial wine producers.

We have been making wine since 2007 on a non-commercial basis, and have spent many years balancing our juice with alcohol content so you will never get the ‘burn’ associated with some commercial wines. A  sommelier has been working us for 2 years since inception to ensure the all round quality of our wines. We hope you love our wines as much as we do!

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How do you pronounce Ventosus?   – It’s pronounced  “Vent- Oh-Sus”

What’s a Micro Winery?  – A micro winery is simply a winery that does not have its own vineyard, it is not related to size.

So you don’t grow your own grapes? – No, we import grape juice from around the world.

Are you on social media – Yes, please follow us on Facebook and Instagram for our latest product and event news

Can I buy Ventosus wines online? – Yes! You can buy bottles, cases of 6, miniatures and hampers online for collection from us in Port St Mary, or for delivery across the island. We also ship to the UK – please allow 4 working days from order to delivery for UK only.

Where else can I buy Ventosus wines? – You can buy most of our bottles at our retailers at Woodbourne Deli in Douglas, The Deli at Tynwald Mills in St Johns. Our Stockists page lists all of our other bar and restaurant outlets.

Is the micro-winery open every day? – No, we are a production facility, please message us or if purchasing we’ll be there for any click and collect dates.

Do you filter your wines? – No we don’t. Our wines are naturally bright. Filtering can sometimes  reduce colour and flavour in commercial wines.

Do you discount for quantity purchases? – Yes, our wines are discounted by the case, and split case (3+3). Ideal for weddings and other events.

Do you do wine tasting? – Yes, we offer wine tasting events. Please contact us for more details regards options on venues, food and our wines.

Do you accept card payments? – Yes, we accept all major debit and credit cards.

What’s Manx for ‘Cheers’? – Shoh Slaynt!